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Welcome back everyone!

Welcome back to a new and exciting school year at Whitehall School!

Please have a look at our dynamic and vibrant website, our facebook page and our google + account; all of which will go towards letting the world know we are here.

I hope you have a fantastic year at school and look forward to hearing all about it.

Rebecca Hutley

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David’s Rabbits

David presented a thoughtful and interesting piece about his new rabbits, who will be arriving soon to inhabit the empty hutch! He told us all about their habits, particularly their diet and what is poisonous to them.

Do you know which of the following plants are dangerous to rabbits?
Cow Parsley
Lemon Balm
David tested us to check we had listened carefully and brought in some live vegetation so we could see what the safe and dangerous plants looked like. Well done David, a super presentation, we’re sure you will give Felix and Mary a good home!
P.s. Don’t feed a rabbit: rhubarb/buttercups/poppies or anything grown from a bulb!
David Presentation photo

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Jasmin’s dolphins

Do you know which animal possesses a median notch, melon, beak and flukes? The answer rather unbelievably is a dolphin, Jasmin’s favourite animal. Her presentation ran through the main features of the mammal and stimulated an interesting discussion about sonar and how dolphins use echo location in a similar way to Atlantic fishermen trying to find shoals of fish – Well done Jasmin!

Jasmin presentation photo

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Whole School Science Trip

Children from Reception up to Year 6 set off one rainy day for Cambridge. Upon arrival, the rain stopped and the sun kept breaking through. We split into Infant and Junior groups. All of us visited the Cambridge Science Centre, with the Infants learning about how our bodies work and the Juniors learning about forces and motion, building their own land yachts. The Juniors went on to punt down the Cam, whilst the Infants took part in various activities on Jesus Green. It was a great day out for all.
It was a great day out for all.8







photo 1

photo 3











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Past Pupils reunited in New York

Lucy Ockenden sent this photo of her and past pupil, now Dr Hanish Patel, meeting up in New York where
Hanish now lives.
Both pupils left Y6 to go on to Independent schools; Lucy won A scholarship to Felstead.
Past pupils Dr Hanish Patel and entrepreneur Lucy Ockenden reunited in New York.
ex pupil

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Gardening Club’s “Big Dig”

Recently, in Gardening Club, Whitehall held their own version of a Big Dig,and what we did was invite all our parents,grandparents,cousins,brothers,sisters and other relatives to come and help us improve our garden and plant their own seedlings.It was an amazing day,and we had lots of visitors come and join us like grandparents,parents and other students that don’t usually come to join us! I would like to finish off this blog to say thank you to all the the people that came to help us;our garden is looking beautiful and the flowers are starting to blossom. Gardening Club are really pleased with the progress made. What a great day!

Written by Tassie Parker, Y4



with the progress made. CIMG6057


















CIMG6078What a great day!
Written By Tassie Parker Y4.

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Alfred’s Year 6 presentation

My speech is on my dog Ted!

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Robert’s Presentation

Robert held our attention with a comprehensive talk about his half term visit to Harry Potter World Studios in Watford. He described the amazing sets, rooms, props and blue screen technology used to make action sequences in the film. He followed by explaining wand week and how LED’s were used so that the film crew knew where the end of the wands were so they could match up the sound effects properly. The only negative seemed to be the opportunity to taste the infamous ‘butter beer’ which was deemed far too fizzy and sweet by Robert!
Well done Robert, an interesting presentation and a great opportunity to examine the ‘marauder’s map’ and Dumbledore’s special Elder wand.

Robert's presentation

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Year 3 & 4 Camp Out

Years 3 and 4 Camp Out.

What amazing weather to go camping in!

Last Friday the Years 3 and 4 spent an exciting night under canvas in our annual Camp out. Having pitched our tents, we then barbecued our own tasty sausages and burgers for tea. Amazingly, some of the children even enjoyed doing the washing up! After an evening of fun, including the ever popular campfire sing song, it was time for bed. We woke up with the birds, but with the sunshine steaming down it was great to be outdoors. Breakfast then, before we knew it, it was time to pack up. Another really enjoyable and memorable camp out!
Camp outphoto 2

photo 4

photo 5

photo 6


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Tristan’s Animal Presentation

This morning Yr. 5 were fascinated and incredibly challenged by Tristan Peacock’s presentation on animals. His talk covered the 6 main types of animal; invertebrates, birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals. Once Tristan had explained the different features of each species he tested our knowledge with a quiz of epic proportions which even had Mrs. Rayner reaching for the dictionary!!
See if you can answer this question … It’s quite tricky…
Which type of animal is endothermic, has three middle ear bones, three chambers of the heart and diphyodonty?
If you’re desperate to know, do ask a Year 5 pupil, they have all the answers!
Well done Tristan, a super presentation which taught us all lots of science specific vocabulary.
Tristan's animal presentation

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