Posted by: whitehallschool | October 28, 2011

Year 5 Class Assembly

Year 5 Class Assembly

On Friday, Year 5 treated us to their first class assembly of the year. They told us all about the work that they have been doing in Science lessons with Mr Peace, starting with facts about animals and the sounds that they make. Did you know that a grasshopper makes a sound by rubbing its back legs against its wings and body? Did you know that a humming bird’s wings make a sound because the wings are vibrating so quickly? 

We learned more about vibrations when Year 5 told us about their first experiment. In pairs, they made a string telephone out of two cups and a length of string. The sounds that we made ‘down the telephone line’, made the string vibrate. It was such a simple idea but it really did work! Year 5 could hear each other over an impressive distance and even made a string telephone that extended from the hedge on the school field to the trim trail!

Year 5 also showed us the musical instruments that they had made in another Science lesson. The harp-like structures were made of a wooden frame that they had sawn, glued together and strengthened with triangles of card at each corner. A selection of long, thick rubber bands and short, thin rubber bands were stretched over the frame and plucked to make a sound. Shoe boxes were recycled and attached to the instruments to amplify the sound. Year 5 were so pleased with the results and delighted to hear that friends in other classes want to make one too! Well done Year 5!


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