Posted by: whitehallschool | October 27, 2011

Year 5 & 6 Victorian Day at Denny Abbey


As part of this term’s History topic about The Victorians, Years 5 and 6 visited Denny Abbey Museum of Farmland Life on Tuesday 18th October. Entering fully into the spirit of the occasion, all children (and accompanying adults) donned appropriate period costume for the day!

Once at the Museum, the children participated in some fantastic activities, really gaining a flavour of what life would have been like for Victorian families living in the area. Each child created a Decoupage box and made a delicious bread roll by hand (some kneading skills were better than others!). The children also played Victorian detectives, piecing together information about different people through viewing and handling a number of very interesting objects and artefacts. We were amazed to see a Victorian chip maker and a sausage stuffer – proving that tea time 150 years ago may not have been so very different after all! Great fun was had playing with a number of different Victorian toys but all agreed that the hardest work came during the “washday” experience! Having carried the water in from outside using buckets and a yoke, washed the clothes in a dolly tub with a dolly peg and posser and then fed each otem several times through a mangle, we all decided we preferred today’s modern washday conveniences – Mums most of all!

We had a great time and look forward to continuing our Victorian studies after Half Term.


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