Posted by: whitehallschool | February 9, 2011

Australia Day

On Wednesday 26th January, Year 1 celebrated Australia Day as part of their study of Australasia. It was a wonderful day full of Australian customs and songs. The day was made even more special with a visit from Mrs Robinson, Rhys and Tristan’s grandma, who is from Australia. 

Year 1 had many questions including ‘Do the leaves fall off the trees in Autumn?’ and ‘What does a shark eat?’ Mrs Robinson even showed the children a boomerang, an Australian flag and some Vegemite! 

In return, the children performed a puppet show of the song ‘Waltzing Matilda’, showing the story of the swagman and his jumbuck (sheep). They also sang the national anthem of Australia, ‘Advance Australia Fair’. 

Finally, as a special treat, Sophie had made some Anzac biscuits and offered them to one and all. Thank you to Sophie and a big thank you to Mrs Robinson for joining us for the afternoon – we learnt a great deal from you!


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